New Islington Free School

Over the weekend I received a letter from Julie Roscoe (head of planning at Manchester City Council) informing me that application number 104709/FO/2014/N1: “erection of a part 2, part single story building to form a new 2-form entry school with associated car parking, landscaping, play areas, boundary treatment and vehicular access from Old Mill Street” had been passed after careful consideration of the proposal, it had however been subject to 34 conditions.

Conditions attached to the planning permission include:

  • Off site highway works
  • the submission of a travel plan strategy
  • CCTV details
  • canal protection measures during construction
  • secure by design measures

I have written back to Sue Wills (Case officer) asking for details on the 34 conditions. however am yet to receive a response.

With the Rochdale Canal making up the main route too and from Great Ancoats Street, and it being a Mecca for drug users





Graffiti “art”, littering (including broken glass, used condoms) drinking, Prostitution, oh and on more than a few occasions human excrement.

I hope the council will see fit to clean up the area.

The Ancoats Canal Project do a great job, however the police and the council seem unable to care less.

Let’s hope the presence of a school will help?

A solution to spam?

Deanna has been getting some spam from a company called Communicado, she decided to deal with it by writing back to them and and letting them know that the emails were illegal:

Subject: Bill for damages for illegal commercial email received

Regarding the following unsolicited commercial emails to a personal mail box with no prior business relationship.


All these emails have been received from domains and servers owned by World trading Partners (BVI 1611097) and Communicado Ltd (Company number: 3709008), both located at:
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Professional CV Writers: A new Snake Oil salesman?

I was originally going to title this “Professional CV Writers: The new Snake Oil salesman?” However since I am sure there are other people who are willing to peddle snake oil, I will assume that this is just one specialist type of snake oil.

Snake Oil:

Snake oil is an expression that originally referred to fraudulent health products or unproven medicine but has come to refer to any product with questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit. By extension, a snake oil salesman is someone who knowingly sells fraudulent goods or who is himself or herself a fraud, quack, charlatan, and the like.

Over on Linkedin there is a guy called Colin Viner who is a “Professional CV Writer and Careers Coach” working at CV Writing, on a group he asked if people wanted to pay him for his services, and my response was “And given how CVs are read / processed it wouldn’t make any difference.” his amazingly well thought out response was “Yes it does actually” to which, being we are on the internet there is only one valid response: “Citation required”. which led to the following ending up in my inbox:

From: Michael Chan []
Sent: 05 March 2014 12:46
To: ‘Ian Viner’ <>
Subject: Start my new contract on Monday 10th March

Hi Ian,

Just had verbal confirmation that I start my new contract role on Monday. Only out of work for a week! My first interviews as well. Is this a combination of luck CV or just being in the right place at the right time?

Thanks for your patience and for being so critical on my CV. The interviewer honed on all my achievements and was impressed with the way I tackled and answered the STAR situation. I think another linkedin update is required to prove your methods and techniques work.

Thanks again,

Michael Redacted

So even in the Citation he provides (by forwarding some ones email with out redaction)[the redactions were done by me], Michael manages to show that even he is asking if Colin’s work on his CV did anything? Oh and it wasn’t Colin who did the work on Michael’s CV, it was Ian

… Now as for snake oil, and the Question that originally put me off the idea of professional CV writers (other than as soon as you sign up with any online job board they spam you until you set up filters to kill them) is that its far easer and cheeper to get good friends to look at your CV.

With special thanks to Tamarisk Kay, Alex Lang, Harry Potter, Charlotte Dingle to name but a few…

Also my new job starts on Monday :D

Spam and Honeypots

Reel Effect Manchester

Reel Effect Manchester

If you have looked at my contact page recently (or at all) you will see that there is both a form, and an email address ( This was put there because I hate it when other websites force you to use a form to “email” the person you want to talk to…

Increasingly has been getting more and more spam, due to the wonders of scrapers finding it and subscribing it to spam lists.
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New Stove Pt 1

Boatmans Stove, from Northern Fabrication Services on nbSteven

Boatmans Stove, from Northern Fabrication Services on nbSteven

We have been looking for a new stove to put on nbSteven fora while.

Bob suggested looking at a Boatman Stove from Northern Fabrication Services.

The Boatman stove comes in two options, one without a back boiler, and one with.

The back boiler allows the stove to heat water, since our Calorifier (Hot Water tank) has two coils, one already used; taking hot water from the engine, the second is vacant. Continue reading

You want them to park where…?

Way way back in my original post about the New Islington Free School on the land adjacent to Cotton Fields I touched on the suggested roads used for dropping off the kids.










Am I the only one who can’t see the space that will be used?

Routes through New Islington Marina from e-Documents-090469-SSI-0001 - Route through Marina

Routes through New Islington Marina from e-Documents-090469-SSI-0001 – Route through Marina

Best laid plans of planners and builders…

From my recent post about the planned school for the land at New Islington Marina / Cotton Fields in Manchester, you may recognise this diagram from the planning submission:

Fence Line

e-Documents- 104709-dpp-0009 – security – showing Access and Egress to the proposed school site.

Now the cunningly awake ones of you will have seen in the files e-Documents- 104709-dlp-0001 – Location Plan and e-Documents- 104709-dpp-0008 – landscape and the locations they have chosen to put the pedestrian access gates to the school New Islington Free School… Continue reading

New Islington School Planning Permission

There is a cunning plan under Planning Application number 104709/FO/2014/N1 for a school in New Islington, next to the Marina at Cotton Fields in Ancoats in Manchester.

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to put forward my views on the Planning application (planning ref 104709/FO/2014/N1). This is the proposal to build a new 2 form entry school to accommodate the 420 place primary school.

I have no objections to the proposal for the school at this location.

However I do have objections to the proposed Access and egress, and security from the site (to the east). This was originally covered in Package 103218/JO/2013/N1.
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Cosplay with jake

Down at hackspace today jake and I had a go at taking the eMac to bits.

Jake is a bit of a cos play geek :)


This is the old eMac that is being turned into the helmet for his costume.

I will ask jake for a picture / details of the costume idea.