Cleaning up a Git


git checkout --orphan newBranch git add -A # Add all files and commit them git commit -m "Clean up time" git branch -D master # Deletes the master branch git branch -m master # Rename the current branch to master git push -f origin master [read more →]

OpenPi Day 1


My OpenPi from @wirelessthings was delivered recently, and so I had a quick play, The first thing to know is that support was hard to find, eventuly I found a link to a support forum on openmicros, which at the moment seems to be the only place the OpenPi is being talked about. [read more →]

Wuthering Bytes 2015

At the weekend I went to the 2015 Open Source Hardware Camp in Hebden Bridge, known as "Wuthering Bytes" One of the workshops that I went to was Omer's ESP8266 course. [read more →]