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Blynk is a Kickstarter I supported a while ago, it is an easy way to create an app for any connected project or product based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 or other hardware.

I am going to work through this with an Arduino Uno Clone and a WiFi sheild

Bristol MiniMakerFaire 2015

Outside the @Bristol center is a sculpture of two wicca wales surrounded by a sea of plastic bottles. Swindon hackspace had a table so Tas and I caught up with people we chat to online, but don't know all of in meat space :) Teletype Twitter machine, Printing all tweets sent to @SNHack Swindon Hackspace's Logobot Delta 3D Printer Delta 3D Printer - Bed leveling detector Bento Lab - a… [read more →]

Continuing to set up Kirby


Following on from Setting up with Kirby, I have made a few more changes: The kirby and panel folders are now managed via git sub modules. Google Analytics is now managed via Cloud Flare Setting up as git sub modules I am storing the kirby install for this site in the folder ~/Sites/skippy_org_uk as a git repository, on my MacBook, so as its already all in git and magic! we make a few changes: … [read more →]