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I have been at skippy.org.uk for a while now, after posting about my eCar insurance problems, I started seeing more traffic for search terms such as:

  • Go Skippy Insurance
  • Skippy Insurance
  • Skippy car insurance
  • and even just: Go Skippy

It seems that for Go Skippy Insurance I come up second in google to GoSkippy, who are according to their site:

GoSkippy.com is a trading style of Southern Rock Insurance Company Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission in Gibraltar. This insurance is administered in the UK on behalf of Southern Rock Insurance Company Ltd, by Eldon Insurance Services Ltd. Eldon Insurance Services Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Firm reference number 477112

Now because I see them quite often on my analytics, I thought I would have a look at them, as when it comes up to renewing Puff’s insurance (or Puff’s replacement) it could be cool to have my name, and my birth name on the insurance documents.

What’s that Skippy? You fail to meet their requirements!?

Wondering what was on their FAQ I had a quick gander, unfortunately they have three questions on the FAQ:

  1. I live in a Mobile Home. Will you cover me?
  2. I live in a Caravan. Will you cover me?
  3. I live on a houseboat. Will you cover me?

To which the answer is the same

We will not insure people living on Houseboats, in Caravans & in Mobile Homes unless permanently living there for at least 3 years with the same postcode.

I don’t know if they know that what I live on/in is not a Mobile Home, Caravan, or a houseboat… but I suspect they won’t cover me as i live in a narrowboat.

Also nbHacker pointed out that if we were to rent our post code would change as well…

Oh well. Go Skippy, feck off!

6 thoughts on “Go Skippy Insurance

  1. goskippy have just hung up on me half way thru a conversation. and are cancelling my policy for a speeding ticket i got two years ago. outrageous behaviour by goskippy. i would avoid them like the plague. they cannot be trusted


    See below for my list of complaints (Start from the bottom and read up). These are direct copies of emails I have sent to them.

    “In regards this complaint I also inform you that I will be adhering to the national guideline principles and that you have a maximum of 8 weeks from the 27th March 2014 to rectify the situation to my satisfaction. Failure to do so will then require that the complaint together with a full report on your companys outrageous behaviour is passed over to the Financial Conduct Authority and Financial Services Ombudsman.

    If we reach the point where this is necessary, I will also be seeking others throughout the country who have been similarly dealt with by your company and will be bringing a very strong spotlight to bear in the media on such activities.”

    Nigel Hampson
    Lancashire Titanic Museum

    WEB:- http://www.lancstitanic.co.uk

    From: titanicinlancs@hotmail.co.uk
    To: quality@goskippy.com
    CC: *********@ntlworld.com
    Subject: ADDITIONAL & FURTHER COMPLAINT re policy number *******C01
    Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 15:21:40 +0100


    Re your letter of the 28th March 2014 received today 1st April 2014- which I assume is an April Fools joke in very poor taste?

    You claim to have “identified a Material Discrepancy” – you do not say what this is – but you are very happy to inform me that whatever you have done I have been charged an extra £60.12 for the privilege??? Do you not think it would have been wise to contact me and let me know what this alleged discrepancy is – before taking the totally arbitrary decision to penalise me AGAIN with yet another extra charge?

    The information on the new policy I was forced to take out with you is exactly the same as what was on my previous policy – NOTHING has changed and you were perfectly happy with the information provided last time.

    Bearing in mind that I have an ongoing complaint with your company, which is teetering on being passed on to the FInancial Conduct Authority and Financial Ombudsman Service, you can see why this latest situation is bordering on the script from a Carry On film.

    You have stated that you have “amended my policy records accordingly”, and I can inform you now that I will be looking into this matter, and this extra totally unbelievable situation has been included in the case which will shortly be presented to the Financial Conduct Authority And Financial Ombudsman Service.

    The attitude and total disregard for one of your customers has been gob smackingly awful. I will certainly make it very widely known that your company should be avoided like the plague.

    Nigel Hampson

    Lancashire Titanic Museum

    WEB:- http://www.lancstitanic.co.uk

    Member of the Association of Independent Museums (AIM)
    Trustee of Burnley,Pendle,Rossendale Council for Voluntary Services

    From: titanicinlancs@hotmail.co.uk
    To: quality@goskippy.com
    CC: ********@ntlworld.com
    Subject: COMPLAINT re policy number ******PC01
    Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 20:29:52 +0000

    I am writing to complain about the utterly abysmal service I have received and the totally shoddy way in which I have been treated as a customer of Go Skippy.

    1) On Thursday 27th Feb 2014, I was made aware that the January insurance payment had failed and I was therefore in arrears with the premium. I was given until friday 28th to make up the payment.

    2) I immediately phoned Go skippy customer services and was advised by the female operator to make a bacs payment to cover the missing months premium, which I arranged to do, she provided me with the sort code and account number to make this payment (Information I was provided by your operator was Acc no 3******3 sort code 8****3) and I also arranged for a 3 day extension period on my insurance to allow this payment to take place.
    I transferred funds into my bank account and made the payment Friday 28th Feb, the payment was successful.

    3) On Wednesday 5th March, at 10.31pm I received a text message informing me that as of midnight Sunday 2nd March my car insurance had been cancelled due to “non payment of premium”. Unknown to myself, go skippy had left me driving a vehicle TOTALLY UNINSURED for 3 days. I had received no letter, no telephone call, no email on Monday 3rd, Tuesday 4th, or Wednesday 5th March informing me of this action. If I had been involved in an accident, the actions of GO Skippy in not informing me immediately of the situation would have had dire consequences for me.

    4) The following morning (Thursday 4th March) I immediately checked with my bank, who confirmed that the payment had been made and had reached the account details above at 11.34am Saturday 1st March.

    5) I immediately contacted Go skippy, and dealt with customer advisor AW, who did his best to sort out the situation, but who was overruled by his superiors in trying to deal with the matter efficiently. Over a 4 day period, racking up repeated costly calls to go skippy’s 0844 number – calls which to date have cost me over £60.00 I got precisely no where, my policy remained cancelled, the “managers” refused to accept that the payment had been made on time – despite written proof from my bank CONFIRMING that it had indeed reached the account mentioned above at the time stated and WELL WITHIN the 3 day extension period. Effectively, GO Skippy have called myself and my bank liars – and once presented with the written proof that the payment had been made, the story suddenly changed to one of “We can not find that payment – it does not exist as far as we are concerned”.

    6) As I persisted in my attempts to get my policy reinstated, the story suddenly changed again, to one of the payment only arriving with creation finance on Wednesday 5th March – despite the absolute proof from my bank which shows the payment landing in the account details given to me by the Go Skippy advisor, at 11.34 am Saturday 1st March

    7) During this 4 days, as a result of being left with no insurance, I was unable to go to work, which being self employed has lost me slightly over £400 in lost earnings.

    8) I have lost the period of no claims bonus I was building up – my record effectively being put back to zero.

    9) I have been “blacklisted” for want of a better word, because I now have to state on any insurance quote that I have had a policy cancelled, this effectively massively increases the cost of my insurance – all through no fault of my own. I have encountered this when I was trying to get new cover as a result of all this happening – my premiums were in some cases over £3,000.

    10) The only way I could get cover was to take out a brand new policy with Go Skippy, with an up front deposit being paid (Money which I do not have and which I have had to borrow from a friend).

    11) The advisor I dealt with agreed that I had done everything in my power to get the payment to Go Skippy, that it had been made on time and that the policy should simply be reinstated, but the manager he referred the matter to disagreed and declined to take such action.

    12) I then requested the complaints procedure to take the matter further, and was advised that the matter would be passed to them as a result of my request and that they would contact me a a few days.
    I waited over a week and when I finally lost patience waiting, I called Go Skippy to find out what was happening – only to be told that – yet again I had been provided with the wrong information, and that the matter had not been automatically passed on to the complaints department and that I had to write formally to this email address – as I am now doing.

    11) The amount of stress, hassle and sheer mind boggling frustration that this has placed me under is incalculable. The anger and absolute rage I feel, at being treated in such a shoddy and pathetic way no words can even come close to describing. Through no fault of my own, I have had my car insurance cancelled, I have had to find over £100 to pay a deposit for a new policy, I have lost my no claims period, I have been blacklisted regarding going elsewhere for insurance, I have racked up massive phone charges trying to sort all this out, I have lost over £400 in lost earnings and had to deal with staff at a company who clearly have very little training and ultimately do not know how to do their jobs.

    If this situation is not rectified to my satisfaction, I will not hesitate to pass the matter on to the Financial Conduct Authority as an official complaint.

    Nigel Hampson

    Nigel Hampson A.M.R.I.N.A

    Lancashire Titanic Museum

    WEB:- http://www.lancstitanic.co.uk

    Member of the Association of Independent Museums (AIM)
    Trustee of Burnley,Pendle,Rossendale Council for Voluntary Services

  3. you may call and get a policy but you will never make contact again cos if you have a problem it will be ignored and it will take more than 1 hr on hold then the phone will be put down on you!!!!! they are disgusting , in fact go to the ombudsman don’t waste the calls nor time infact call you bank and make it quite sure u stop them taking your money!! I am st at present in my office with 4 lines calling different phone numbers of go skippy and have been 4 the last 72 mins sat on hold how expensive and I am ment to be working

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