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Grill an Electret

Well Last night in the good old fasion that is in keeping with the union we grilled some Politations, The strange People from Labor were Char-Grilled, and the guy from UKIP hadent got a Clue, and was compleatly off the wall, (would have made a great drinking game…) Kris moaned that all my photos were out […]

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Microlink strike again

Microlink, that lovely kind group of people who call them selfs a company….. [insert sarcasm stick here] have another complaint against them…. Yesterday Ben and myself were in the union, when a Guy from the Sail and Power Club at the union came up to us, and spotted that I have the same Laptop as he does, he also mentioned problems that it […]

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Union into the light?

As one of the election candidates said they wanted all the union people to have blogs, and such, i am wondering if a copy of Wordpress, and a copy of media wiki would work? WordPress for Blogging, and such, and Media Wiki to write out the history and chart out the future of the Union, as […]