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Royal Wedding

Dear Michael Francis Middleton, and Carole Elizabeth Middleton (née Goldsmith); Please find attached an invoice to compensate myself for the loss of earnings for Friday 29 April 2011; I like other people in this country am a contractor, this means that as someone who is unsalaried I get paid by the hour. On Friday 29th […]

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Number 33 – New Laptop :D

While in Plymouth Last weekend I bought my self a new Macbook Pro Laptop; this will replace both my Desktop (a Mac Mini) and my old Laptop; an Advent 4211 netbook. I am currently in the process of moving all files and settings from my two old computers; as well as files stored on two […]

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Book 9 – Weekend Captive

For Valentine’s Day, and her birthday I bought Loupie an Amazon Kindle 3G. after playing with it for a while; my misgivings about the e-book format changed; yes the screen sucks; yes it feels like a cheap toy, but it is a good tool for reading books; would i want one? Perhaps; would I want […]

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Number 41 – Get a Motor Cycle – Update

I am now the owner of a Motor cycle 😀 now with the help of Random Zero the challenge of making her road worthy commences 😀 According to this website: “With its megaphone style silencer and deeply valanced mudguards the GZ 125 looks like it can’t make its mind up whether it wants to be […]

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Numbers 18, 34, 37 – The Week is Over

The Week without Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, and Alcohol is over; Loupie expected me to crack over the lack of tea (she is convinced that I am addicted to Caffeine) I know Guy Martin and I have the same size tea cup, but that doesn’t mean that my 5 or 6 cups makes me addicted. Well […]

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O2: “Skippy; I am your father”

Dear O2, It may have escaped your attention, but I did not ask you to protect me from the internet, and I also hate to point it out to you but “Think of the Children” is not an excuse for you to try and be a parent your customers, and your customers’ children (*note* ownership […]