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New Cast

I got my new cast today, they asked me what colour I wanted, it would either been purple or black (other colours were available but were dismissed as too garish). The Doctor says that in two weeks they will pull the wire out and I will just have a splint. And after that see how […]

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Audiobooks Done Right

There are a large number of Audiobooks available for listening to on sites like the The Pirate Bay (μTorrent is my Torrent Client of choice), some of them are already in iTunes Audiobook format (.m4b not .m4a) while most of them are CD rips in MP3. There are a number of advantages to iTunes & iPod […]

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Book 35 – Her Master’s Slut (Training Eleanor)

Chancie Walker’s “Her Master’s Slut” in my opinion is not very well written, and I shall not be buying or reading the two other books in the trilogy. although it was a nice short book. Eleanor believes herself to be frigid. Twenty-two, married, and still a virgin. She would do anything, go anywhere to relieve herself of […]

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Book 34 – Starship Titanic

Douglas Adams’ “Starship Titanic” was written by Terry Jones rather than Douglas Adams Starship Titanic was inspired by Douglas Adams — the creator of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — and forms the basis of a computer game which was launched in late 1997. At the centre of the galaxy, a vast, unknown civilisation is preparing […]

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Under the knife.

After the falling off Steph part and my last visit to the doctors and the hospital. Yesterday I got to go again. This was my hand before in its fetching blue thumb splint: And this was my hands after coming out from being under, my left hand with the Peripheral cannula still in, and my right bandaged […]