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A Month Sans Tea

As some of you know, I am going a month with out Tea, Coffee, or Chocolate. As I had given up my lovely Yorkshire Tea (for hard water), b0atg1rl started feeding me Pepper mint tea while I was at home. However at work I was still sans tea (either fake or real). Several trips to ASDA […]

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Task 82 – Build a 3D Printer

Sublime’s Tantillus 3D Printer looks like an interesting printer, I will have to ask Nathaniel to print me one when Sublime realises the part files. The things that draw me to this 3D printer are its compact size; its mostly printable; and easy to build (and I guess make replacement parts for :)) The Specifications are as follows: Outer dimensions: 225mm […]

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Rules for Amazing Making

I came accross this post on Planet.Termisoc.org: 10 rules I follow when building something new. This is a list of rules I try and follow when ever I have to build, design or program something. Some are clearly inspired by things other people have said but they have been tweaked a little to meet my own […]

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Tax Reduction – Uniform Tax Rebate

I have been paying my tax like a good person for a large number of years; OK sometimes I have claimed job seekers allowance;  but other than the JSA and the Rebates; I have mostly paid the correct amount of TAX, and got mostly a good service from the public sector; however I found out that I […]