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Boat Hunting

B0atg1rl and I went boat hunting for a craft to call our own, this outing started with a virtual perambulation of the normal haunts, and then a trip to North Wales; while poking around Chirk Marina we came across a boat that looks like it will make us a lovely home. We found nbSteven, a 57ft narrowboat, built in 1992 […]

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The Steph is dead

Not only is Steph dead; but she is in little bits all over ebay, Random Zero is selling her off on my behalf to raise money so that GLaDOS (Suzuki Maurauder GZ 125) can live, if you want parts for a Yamaha SR 125 (91 Reg) please have a look.

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Why eBooks changed my reading habit.

I read Delkaetre’s post on why she doesn’t have an ebook reader yet; I do have a Kindle, which I use in place of my book shelf most of the time. Her reasons for not liking an ebook reader include being able to Survive a fall onto a hard surface, (Readers are more fragile than books) Survive […]

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Activating PostgreSQL on OS X 10.7 Lion Server

Mac OS X Lion comes with PostgreSQL installed as default; however it is not running, and not easy to start, you will want to enabled PHP web applications at the same time. There are two ways to start the PostgreSQL service. Either simply by opening Server App and starting the “Wiki” service, or by digging […]