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Building a Geiger Counter

A while ago I bought a DIY Arduino Geiger Counter kit from ebay and a SBT-11A Russian Geiger counter tube. The SB-11A is a very sensitive alpha tube, comparable to the LND 7317 in some ways. It also seems sturdier and is certainly cheaper. The data sheet gives: 44-49 cps/uR/sec, so the CPM to uSv/h conversion ratio becomes 318 […]

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Speeding up WordPress using Jetpack Photon – Without Jetpack

What is Photon? this is a question I asked myself when I went looking for the name of the Jetpack app that does Image CDN (Content Delivery Network). Photon according to the documentation: Photon is an image acceleration and modification service for Jetpack-connected WordPress sites. Converted images are cached automatically and served from the […]