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My first PCB

I have finally got round to trying to Automate the hot water pump on the boat, using what I found out about the DS18B20 one wire Waterproof Temperature sensors from the Arduino Data logger I wanted to try out controlling the pump, (the same PCB will be used for other automation parts). I want to use […]

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Updates to the Family Tree

It looks like MyHeritage now has a “Mac Version” of their software (this should reduce my dad’s number of computers down to one). Historicity they recommended all kinds of horrible things (running virtual machines etc.), but there application could not be run in Wine (or equiv). So this mac version of Family Tree Builder should […]

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Oh Joy Sex Toy’s Cartoon – Trigger Warning

One of my most visited posts is “Why I fear Pro-Life“, which was written as a post response and expansion on a blog post by Delkaetre, against a group of FuckTards called Abort 67: Abort67 is a pro-life protest group in the UK known for using hardline tactics such as holding protests outside of abortion […]