The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

70ft Tug narrowboat for sale


70ft Tug style narrowboat for sale, £69,995

Detailed steelwork with recessed panels, 4 x sets of side doors, Houdini hatches, Pigeon Box and a trad stern by Paul Barber Boatbuilders Ltd. Professional fit-out offering 2-4 berth accommodation with a Boatman’s cabin. Powered by an immaculate Beta JD3 engine with PRM 260 gearbox, set in it’s own engine room.

Tom Tug is a delightful, light and airy tug designed by its current owners as a very comfortable live-aboard for 2 people. She has been well looked after and maintained, blacked with Comastic in July 2011, the paintwork is in very good condition and the engine has been serviced regularly. Mooring available near Tring by separate negotiation.

BSSC to June 2014.

Built in 2004
Tug style trad
Spray foam insulation behind the cabin linings.

Concrete slabs under the floor boards.

Overall Length: 70′
Cabin Length: 53’ 9”
Width: 6’ 10”
Interior Headroom: 6’ 4” > 5’ 2”
Well Deck: 7’ 11”
Draught: 2’ 3”
Port: 4 x Portholes. 2 x set of steel side doors, wood panelled internally.
Starboard: 4 x portholes. 2 x sets of steel side doors, wood panelled internally.
Front: Steel front doors, wood panelled internally with sliding roof hatch.
Rear: Steel rear doors, with sliding roof hatch, wood panelled internally with traditionally decorated panels.
Roof: 1 x Pigeon box. 3 x Houdini hatches. 1 x skylight.

The 240 gallon stainless steel water tank is housed under the well deck. Water pump with pressure switch is located adjacent to the tank. Twin coil calorifier is heated by the Back boiler, engine heat exchanger and/or Morco gas fired water heater.

Heating is provided by the Morso solid fuel stove with back boiler in the saloon running 3 radiators and the Boatman’s range in the back cabin.

240v circuit with RCD.
240v landline socket.
12v lights throughout protected by fuses.
2 x 12v, 70/110 amp/hr engine driven alternators.
2 x 12v, 115 amp/hr engine start batteries.
6 x 12v, 115 amp/hr deep cycle leisure batteries.
Sterling 3kw pure sine wave inverter.
Battery management system.
2 x Solar panels.
3 x Dry Powder extinguishers
1 x Fire Blanket
1 x Smoke Alarms
1 x Carbon Monoxide Detectors
The boat was painted when built using quality coach enamels. The boat was last docked for blacking in 2011 using Comastic and is protected by 4 anodes and a galvanic isolator.

The boat comes equipped with the normal cruising inventory including ropes and fenders. Any additional items not listed must be negotiated separately with the owners.

The boat is powered by a Beta JD3, 4 cylinder, water cooled, diesel engine with PRM 260 gearbox with 2:1 reduction, turning the propeller. The exhaust is lagged, silenced and vents out through the roof via a chimney. The engine powers 2 x 12v alternators to charge the 2 start batteries and 6 leisure batteries.

4 x Propane cylinders housed in the bow locker, provide gas to the cooker, water heater and the generator.

Detailed steelwork by Paul Barber Boatbuilders Ltd. Professional fit-out in painted plywood.

There are moorings available by separate negotiation.

Tube and electrics fitted.

Full details can be found on Boat Finder Brokerage.

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