Am I being trolled?

Really, you managed to fill in my form?
Really, you managed to fill in my form?

I have been mistaken for Go Skippy Car insurance quite offten! even though my blog has attracted other peoples negative reviews of Go Skippy Car Insurance, (I have not won any Positive or good reviews of Go Skippy).

So to try and limit the number of people who got confused and try to get me to phone them about their car or van insurance policies, I added the following text to my contact form:

I understand that I will not be contacting GoSkippy, and that Skippy will not give fast and friendly service or in anyway will answer any or all of your car and van insurance queries or any other related questions because FUCK OFF!

There is a requirement to click a tickbox and everything… however this seems to have been missed by Shanise:

subject: insurance

Can you ring me please

I assume I am being trolled 🙁

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