An update

65s SAM 0514

It’s been a fair while since I last wrote an update to my blog; back then b0atg1rl and I were looking for a boat; since then we have bought ourselves a 58ft Semi-Trad called nbSteven (the name will be changed when she next comes out the water!), b0atg1rl is currently bringing her blog about life afloat unto date; and sooner or latter she will get up to the point that I come into the storyline.

We are now living in Chirk, on the Llangollen Arm of the Shropshire Union canal, with no water, and limited 12V (more about that on Miss Inexperience…) We plan to get the water fixed and then be on our way towards Manchester.

Wish us luck, and I hope that I will write updates more often!

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