The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Anycube 3D Printer and Offer breakdown

Tamarisk has been making use of Bob’s AnyCube printer to make Christmas card presses for use in her Adana letterpress machines, (At some point they should write blog posts about it!)

The presses that they can make in Bob’s printer work fine on the 5 x 3-inch press, but the 8 x 5-inch press is a little larger,

Photon MonoPhoton Mono SEPhoton Mono 4KPhoton Mono SQPhoton Mono XPhoton Mono X 6KElegoo Mars 2 proElegoo Mars 3Elegoo Saturn
Base Printer Price$159.00$239.00$289.00$299.00$429.00$599.00£226.75£318.70£437.10
Screen Diagonal6″6″6.2″6.9″8.9″9.25″6″8.9″
Build Volume130 x 80130 x 78132 x 80128 x 120192 x 120197 x 122129 x 80143 x 89192 x 120
speed mm/h508050606080
Back to Back comparison

It is worth noting that the prices in USD do not include any import costs, VAT or the like, and the prices in GBP are the retail price.

Looking at the specifications, they Elegoo Mars 2 Pro and the Photon Mono SE are probably the same printer, The Saturn and Mono X are also probably the same printer.

Wash and CureWash & Cure Plus MachineMercury Plus

I have also done the same with the Wash and Cure machines;

Tamarisk and I will have to have a site down and work out which one offers the best value for money against our usecase, however some one else may find this analysis usefull as well.

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