The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Assembling the battery sledge

After the success of printing the sledge for my DIY ROV in the last post, It is now time to try and wire it up, I am using two of these Youmile 3S Battery Protection Board Modules, they claim to be capable of managing 10A, which I feel is pushing the truth somewhat, however as a BMS (Battery Management System) they should be ok, at protecting my cells from being overcharged, over-discharge and excess current being requested.

I am using two banks of 21700s in a 2P3S configuration, each of the banks has its own BMS. 21700s are slightly larger than the more common 18650s and are available in capacities between 4-5 Ah (4000-5000 mAh), 18650s generally are between 2.3 to 3.6 Ah (2300-3600 mAh), the cells I am using are about 4 Ah, so my 2x 2P3S packs will be about 16 Ah, with a nominal voltage of 11.1 V, (Fully Charged Voltage 12.6 and 25% SoC at 11.24 V). The Wh of the pack is about 180 Wh

So starting with the sledge that I printed recently from Filamentive grey filament, it was time to bend up the battery terminals and glue the with a dab of CA onto the battery caps, solder them together with some 1mm^2 CSA brass rod and then put the four tails on them:

Once that was all wired up it was time to mount the two packs on the sledge, I have wired it up temporarily using Wago style connectors.

I will get the packs charged, then see what I can do next.

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