The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Best laid plans of planners and builders…

Fence Line

From my recent post about the planned school for the land at New Islington Marina / Cotton Fields in Manchester, you may recognise this diagram from the planning submission:

Fence Line
e-Documents- 104709-dpp-0009 – security – showing Access and Egress to the proposed school site.

Now the cunningly awake ones of you will have seen in the files e-Documents- 104709-dlp-0001 – Location Plan and e-Documents- 104709-dpp-0008 – landscape and the locations they have chosen to put the pedestrian access gates to the school New Islington Free School…

New Islington School Gate Location
New Islington School Gate Location from e-Documents- 104709-dlp-0001 – Location Plan
New Islington School Gate Location from e-Documents- 104709-dpp-0008 – landscape

While both Pedestrian gates (we have assurance that the vehicle gate will not be used for general access or egress) are outside the marina, one opens up directly on to the towpath (just at the end of the level access bridges parapet – according to e-Documents- 090469-SSI-0001 this is called ‘Biffins Bridge’)



And the other into the back of the pump out / water point lay-by.




It is worth noting the lack of mooring rings on the Lay-by…

Sometimes you have to wonder if people planning this ever go to site… or have an understanding of requirements?

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