The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Boat painting and new name

nbKawartha in her new colour from across the canal.

While reversing out of our mooring at New Islington Marina we suffered a slight technicals issue… the engine stopped making happy happy noises and started sounding sad. So to continue our way up the Ashton Canal to Packet Boat Company we had some help…

A big thank you to all who helped bow hall nbSteven 20 locks (two down the Rochdale Canal to Piccadilly basin and then 18 up the Ashton flight).

On the Monday morning we got a different kind of lift from the top of the flight to the boat yard:

Different kind of lift, Ashton Packet Boat Company's tug Clio.
Different kind of lift, Ashton Packet Boat Company’s tug Clio.

Here are some photos of a newly painted boat

nbSteven was renamed while she was up in the air on the transverser to nbKawartha.

“Kawartha” is an anglicization of the word “Ka-wa-tha”

Here are some photos taken of Ashton Packet Boat Company Ltd’s yard. There are lots of cool random things in this boat yard:

There is a photo of nbAlton on the slip way over on the Peak Forest Canal Carrying Company.

The new window surrounds were made by Macclesfield Laser, the nbSteven Window surround Open Scad file, however they only accept DXF (export).

And now for Photos of us going back down the flight:

Not all pics in the up and down set are mine, © 2015 them 😛

Oh and here are some time-laps videos:

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