Boating and The Evening Standard

Most weeks, I am travel up to London twice in the evening; This Wednesday evening I headed up to see Loupie, and got my free copy of the Evening Standard; in the properties section they had these two articles:

A buy-to-let houseboat is all terror and no firmer

This article is by a woman called Victoria Whitlock, its an article about her  thinking about using a empty houseboat as a buy-to-let (Not that that its people buying a portfolio of properties that makes house buying difficult or anything…).

The Article talks about the financial outlay of buying a boat; not just for buy to rent; but also for living aboard, including:

  • Acquiring Finance
  • Acquiring a mooring
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance Costs
  • and all the fun bills etc.

This buy to rent market; and the unwillingness for any one to build affordable housing is one of the main reasons I am looking at a narrow boat; I like the idea of being able to move easily between areas depending on where my work is. not to mention I am fairly nomadic in any case;

Get closer to nature with a newly launched eco-home on the Thames

Get closer to nature with a newly launched eco-home on the ThamesThe other article is about a couple who live in a new ‘eco floating home’ at Ash Island, near Hampton Court the home was built by a new company Eco floating Homes; I am not a huge fan of the concept that they are selling; but the article was an interesting read,

The company is hoping to build 10 more homes for floating on the river Thames; so we may be seeing more of these soon.


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