The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Boats for Sale

Yesterday after reading Maffi’s (nbMillyM) response to nbStarcross’ Post I thought I would have a gander up at Thrupp to have a look at the two boats he mentioned in his post; nb Sir Reginald, nb Cock Robin; yep, still looking for a Narrow Boat to live on.

Looking it up on the map; it looked like it would almost be a sensible cycle ride from Culham:

Sensible Perhaps not

On the way along the Oxford Canal there were a number of boats for sale;

IMG 1392IMG 1393

nbRye complete with mooring, (72ft craft) @ £72000

IMG 1401

nbSunyata is for sale; also with mooring. Sunyata according to the yellow card in the window: “Śūnyatā is from the root verb śvĩ (“to swell”) and meaning “void”, “nothingness”, “emptiness”, “nonexistence”. In Theravada, this concept pertains to the individual. In Mādhyamika Buddhism, all is empty (śūnya), and it is this emptiness or formlessness that is the true nature of the universe. In Vajrayana, it is equated with the feminine principle-that which is unborn, vast, and boundless”.

IMG 1406IMG 1408

nbBaobobTree, (64ft) also complete with an Oxford mooring for £60000

IMG 1419IMG 1418

nbVictoriaLand is also for sale; but not as many details on this craft.

On Arriving at Thrupp I found the two Maffi was talking about; IMG 1431IMG 1427IMG 1432

nbCockRobin, a 52foot narrow boat with a non residential mooring (subject to membership of TCCC (Thrupp Canal Cruising Club)).

IMG 1439

IMG 1438


IMG 1440

nbBones‘ boat hiding behind another boat, but didn’t see Maffi or nbMillyM so I could say thank you for pointing me in this direction.

IMG 1433

Here is a quick Picture of my long suffering bike; and yes, I did cycle all the way back to Culham after this trip.

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