The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury
The Random Thoughts of a Geek heading for Banbury

Book 33 – Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power: A Do It Yourself Guide (Simple Living)

Do it yourself - 12 V Solar Power
Do it yourself – 12 V Solar Power

Mike Daniek’s “Do It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power” is a good book about 12 Volt off the grid systems; Its the same style of book as Building a Low Impact Roundhouse however despite both books being quite Hippiesh the 12 volt book talks ‘seriously’ about “electrosmog’ and has a little bit too much conspiracy theories

On “Electrosmog” it claims:

“There is also the problem of ‘electrosmog’ – the electromagnetic field around electricity pylons and wires. High voltage electricity pylons produce an electromagnetic field with a frequancy of 50 Hertz which pollutes large areas of land.”

“Because research on the effects of electrosmog has proven contradictory, the difference of opinion has given rise to two grops. Those who belive it has no effect and those who believe it is potentially extremely dangerious.”

And on the subject of conspiracy theories:

“However studies on damage to living organisms caused by electrosmog are either refused funding or the results are not published.”

“The Energy industries have bought up most of the solar panel factories in order to set high prices and dictate the time when solar energy becomes more affordable.”

The book is also a translation from German, written for non technical people, so rather than using the term Voltage, or Potential Difference, it uses the term Tension, it also tends to use non technical approximations of the correct common Engineering terms.

Some of the projects the book suggests for converting 230V appliances (such as Circular Saws) to 12V use, usually by wedging a motor cycle starter motor, or a windscreen wiper motor into them, in a way that looks like it will result in a trip to A&E.

However some of the ideas about how to wire up batteries, and the voltages that they should be used between makes sense.

The book is also not a huge fan of Nuclear Energy.

Tamarisk (of Considering Culture, and Miss Inexperience Writes a Blog) agrees that ignoring the hippy crap makes the book better to read; and also recommends “The 12-volt Bible for Boats” which I may have to add to my list of books to buy.

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