Book 9 – Weekend Captive

Weekend Captive (BDSM Erotica) Kindle Edition by Anne O'Connell
Weekend Captive (BDSM Erotica) Kindle Edition
by Anne O’Connell

For Valentine’s Day, and her birthday I bought Loupie an Amazon Kindle 3G. after playing with it for a while; my misgivings about the e-book format changed; yes the screen sucks; yes it feels like a cheap toy, but it is a good tool for reading books; would i want one? Perhaps; would I want one instead of a multi use tool like an iPad? Nope. (also of note I still don’t have an iPad).

Since Playing with Loupie’s Kindel I downloaded the Kindle app for Mac, and started reading random books on my mac, and on my iPhone, this is one that I read the sample of, then bought the entire book; it is an interesting read; and I did enjoy the Plot line. “Weekend Captive” by Anne O’Connell is a book about subjects I find interesting (NSFW); however I will leave it to the reader of this blog to imagine the details of the book; but lets just say it is a book that is not for the under 18 market.

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