Books 19 to 22, from Dinosaurs to Butterflies!

Ten Little Dinosaurs with MiniBoyGeek
Ten Little Dinosaurs with MiniBoyGeek
Ten Little Dinosaurs with MiniBoyGeek

Tas and I are listing to the Harry Potter Audiobooks at home, and I have had The Tales of Beedle the Bard at my parents for a while, and had not got round to reading it as of this. I am not counting Audiobooks in the 100 book challenge (I listen to about one a week with the StarShipSofa podcast part of the ‘District of Wonders‘).

100 book challengeLooking back through old posts on my blog, I found that I was wrong on the number of books in the challenge; its not a 52 Book challenge, it is supposed to be a 100 book challenge so that will be updated.

Robert Godden's All Colour Paperback Butterflies
Robert Godden’s Butterflies


Tas would like to try out hatching some butterfly eggs, my friend Elizabeth has previously grown some from eggs (she acquired hers from Insect Lore), looking around online I came across the recommendation to start by having a read of Butterflies, I grabbed my copy from Amazon, Worldwide Butterflies who list it as “An essential guide for the beginner”:

A comprehensive guide – outlining techniques for the breeding and study of butterflies and moths. This book also shows a grand selection of butterflies of every continent. Packed with essential information, colourful pictures and diagrams by the butterfly artist Joyce Bee.

This book went out of print many years ago, so only second hand copies are available.

It’s not an especially light introduction to the world of Lepidopterology, as it covers a lot of ground in a small book, and includes a large number of illustrated examples of species and the areas they are found (not bad for a 1972 edition book).

It’s probably not the only document on the subject I will read as it’s more of a global overview than a getting started document for having a few eggs turn into butterflies. (Insect Lore seems to sell all in one kits.

Press Send
Press Send

Press Send

I read this book many years ago, it was an interesting book from what I remembered (hence grabbing the Kindle edition again). If you have a few hours, and enjoy cyber novels pick up a copy and have a read.

When Hilton Kask dies he leaves a parcel for each of his special friends – his twin brother Conrad, soul-mate Lisa, and his martial arts instructor. Inside is a mobile phone with one simple instruction: “Press Send”. But for his enemies, Hilton has even more ambitious plans for revenge.

Its often unusual for the main character to die in the middle of a book 🙂

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