Canals of England typography project

Canals of England
Canals of England
Canals of England

The Canals of England typography project is a project by Olly Sorsby, he describes it thus:

The notion behind this project was reinvention. To design a logo for every canal in England, by taking influence from their past, to create something new. In terms of celebrating the heritage of the canals, I wanted to take something relevant from each one, to create simple yet relevant designs. Creating a glossy, abstract logo would not work due to the age of canals, the logos use old style layouts and plenty of texture.
The influence for this project was taken from my love for old design. A lot of inspiration came from the style of designs painted onto old narrow boats. Not necessarily the hand painted type, but from the general layout and styling of the typography. [link]

I would really like to use his artwork to illustrate the Canal pages for the Canal Routes pages on this site.


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