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Family Tree

My dad has been working on the McGaw family tree for a few years now; over that time the machine he has been using has changed from a Dell Optimax running Windows XP, to a Macbook, running Windows Tiny7, due to the software that he used being a windows only application. My Heritage Family Tree […]

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Why eBooks changed my reading habit.

I read Delkaetre’s post on why she doesn’t have an ebook reader yet; I do have a Kindle, which I use in place of my book shelf most of the time. Her reasons for not liking an ebook reader include being able to Survive a fall onto a hard surface, (Readers are more fragile than books) Survive […]

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Striking a Cord

I have been collecting some images for the screensaver of my work machine, I have come across these two, the first being: What do I fear? I fear stagnation and lack of progress. I fear never reaching my potential and being average. I fear being forgotten… The Past… Yesterday’s news. I fear giving up and being […]

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Looking at Boats

This weekend I have been in Swindon, and after the fun events of Saturday, I was sitting watching TV with Parents; well they were watching TV, I was playing on the computer, and at this point there should be a bit of back story: My brother, his Girlfriend Emily, and their one year Severn Month […]

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Uncle Phil

Squee; I am an uncle: at 9.55am weighing 7lb 9oz Baby Kaitlyn is the newest member of our family. I haven’t seen Emily, or baby yet; possibly will try to get down to Swindon early next week.