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Cheap Chinese loco and secret plans

Well that is MiniBoyGeek up to three working electric Lego Duplo locomotives, only the Chinese one to goā€¦ I spoke to the seller: > Item died within 10 minutes of putting batteries into it. refund required. > I am still awaiting a response to my question re refund or replacement < Dear Customer, < Thank […]

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@MiniBoyGeek is Two! off to @IceCreamFarm

For MiniBoyGeek‘s birthday, Tas, MiniBoyGeek, Lindsy, the Munchkins and Granny all went out to the IceCreamFarm!

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Fixing an Duplo Intelli Train

In a previous post about Duplo trains I mentioned that I had acquired a dead Duplo Intelli Train from eBay. A bit more research tells me that it is Lego Part number 2961, it is from Duplo set 2932 ‘Passenger Train Starter Set with Motor’ and is listed as ‘Train Passenger Locomotive Base’ there is […]

Duplo loading gauge, Locos, and PWay

Since the the last post on Duplo Trains, MiniBoyGeek has been given a lot more Lego Duplo by both his Granddad, and other family members for his second birthday: He has now got two of the Duplo Locomotive base engines (LEGO PART 99844). I picked up a cheap Chinese Duplo compatible locomotive sold with the […]

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First Urbex at South Marston Hotel, Swindon

Recently we found ourselves in Swindon, Joe offered us a free Urbex (Urban Exploration) trip round the old South Marston Hotel (Joe’s previous visit), I didn’t get many photos, but next time I do an Urbex I will :). I believe Tas will have some, and other people may add some when they comment šŸ™‚

We found @MiniBoyGeek’s first GeocacheĀ 

Went to Savernake Forest with MiniBoyGeek and Tas for a walk, MiniBoyGeek helped me find his first geocache šŸ˜€

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With @MiniBoyGeek on big trains

Today I took MiniBoyGeek out on the big trains from New Mills Newtown to Manchester Piccadilly, on a Northern Rail train much much older than him (pre privatisation).