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Building a Diavolino

On Saturday I picked up an Evil Mad Scientists Arduino clone, The¬†Diavolino, from MadLab‘s little shop “Invent-ory” to use with my RS485 stuff. the Diavolino requires assembly yourself (official instructions). The FTDI I bought was this one: RHX PL2303 USB To RS232 They are about ¬£2.29 per. however where Windows 7 will grab the drivers […]

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OpenSCAD Raspberry Pi Model

I have been playing with OpenSCAD to make design 3D printed parts for use with the Raspberry Pi, I found one online, and have made some changes, have a look at the OpenSCAD R-Pi model. In the model are both A and B, to choose the one you want you will just need to change […]

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Empirbus Alternitive

Tom and Jan of nbWaiouru have a really awesome thing on their boat called Empirbus, it is like a home automation system, but on a boat! Empirbus NXT is a new product line, based on more than 10 years experience in power distribution using Digital Switching. EmpirBus NXT is an NMEA 2000 compatible next generation […]