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Cheep Chinese Camera

I picked up this 50H10L (HI3518E_50H10L_S39) based cheap POE CCTV style camera as a test for replacing the cameras we use at work to view EUTs (Equipment Under Test). the cameras we normally use are wired CCTV cameras. The (professionally done) CD comes with a number of applications and PDFs on it… The one useful set […]

HackSpace, HACMan, Maker January 16, 2016 Skippy 2 comments

5V AC/DC Converter Switch Power Supply Module 3W 700mA Industrial Voltage Regulators

Following on from playing with the Hi-link HLK-PM01 I got this generic even cheaper board from Ben Dooks, after carefully wiring it up, I shoved it on the Kikusui TOS 8650 Withstand Voltage Tester: This shows the cheap chinese powersupply breaking just below 2 kVac. The following photos are from a Chinese seller via the Aliexpress link: Looking […]