Duplo training

Everybody loves a train set and LEGO Duplo tracks make it very easy to build your own set, I have watched YouTube videos of peoples Lego Train Sets, and thought that they were cool however if you look at the price of Lego City Train sets, prepare to cry even at the price of second […]

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RFID blocking wallets

Recently there have been people claiming that they can steal money from your pocket (up to £30) by skimming your credit or debit card info using a EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) or PED (Pin Entry Device). It said thieves could exploit a security flaw to steal key data from contactless debit and credit cards […]

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Hantek 6022BE USB Oscilloscope

I picked up a Hantek 6022BE USB Oscilloscope as sometimes its useful to have something more than just a multimeter for seeing what a circuit is doing. While the specification makes it more of a toy than a real instrument, however what can you expect for £46.00? The Hantek 6022BE is a 2 Channel 20 […]

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SMD Soldering at a Hackspace

The soldering of SMD devices is something that no normal person would want to do by hand for fun, I can’t even believe that normal people would do it anyway (it is a cruel and unusual punishment). Hackspace Manchester has recently thanks to Matt bought an Infer Red IC Oven Like this one. So the […]

Git stuff and 52 Weeks of Code

Sometimes I feel that my geek credentials are lacking given the lack of code I write, yes I make cool things occasionally, I work as an EMC Engineer for a small Stockport Company, I am a Director of Squashed Fly a small independent Hosting and General Geeky company with Tas, and hope to be a […]

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Using a CH340 with OSX (@osxpl2303)

A lot of Chinese Arduinos come with the ch340 as the replacement for the FTDI or other serial bridge. I have nothing against the CH340 / CH340G however it is a PITA (BREAD – Pain In The Arse) to use under OS X as well there is a fuck ton of messing around to be […]

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OS X Gerber Viewer

I found MCN Gerber Viewer, at this site, it is an OS X application for viewing and printing Gerber files, the zip of the app is Mirrored here. I have been working on PCBs more frequently, and along with Eagle this is a useful tool.