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Updates to my site

A quick change of themes, I was getting less and less happy with bhost, that is not to say its a bad theme, just I wasn’t happy with how it looked, I am now using baskerville. One of the things this new theme allowed me to do was stop using the wp-tiles plug-in which was […]

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Store nothing with Sentora

Theresa May seems to have got her way, and the Snoopers Charter has passed into UK law. Squashed Fly hosts among others websites, both the Freedom Press and Freedom  News sites, and as part of that I don’t like clear text services (see Encrypt Everything) and now with the ‘legal requirment’ to turn over logs […]

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Small business groupware

As previously mentioned work (CASS Industries Ltd.) needed a new groupware solution after Microsoft pulled the plug on both Small Business Server, and Our groupware requirements are mostly a shared calender, archived mail, and contact list. we use IMAP for email retrieval from our accounts (externally hosted for historical reasons), oh and it has […]

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VMWare ESXi on a hp Proliant Gen 8 MicroServer

At CASS Industries we were using Microsoft’s free Hotmail / Outlook connector for our group ware solution, howecver Micro$oft pulled that plug on us when they made changes to As a solution we picked up a HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 and fitted it with two 1TB hard drives, I intend to install Zentyal as […]

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Sentora and Flask

Every so often I want to try something new… and with Tas learning python and flask, it looks like time to try and work out how to host flask projects on njoror. Installing Flask on my machine is done by sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv, I also installed mod_wsgi so I could use Apache Server to host […]

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restart MySQL if it dies

Because MySQL is sometimes a crazy pain in the arse, and will kill itself every once in awhile without warning, and apparently without any meaningful reason, (I only know it has happened when I get a SMS from my uptime monitor), I have been looking into a better way of managing it than SSHing into […]

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Plus addressing on Sentora

TL;DR – It doesn’t work yet 🙁 I am trying to move my to my new server, however, I have been adding things after the local part deliminated with a +, for a while now, while this works out the box with symbiosis, it doesn’t seem to work with Sentora out the box. I am […]