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Updates to my site

A quick change of themes, I was getting less and less happy with bhost, that is not to say its a bad theme, just I wasn’t happy with how it looked, I am now using baskerville. One of the things this new theme allowed me to do was stop using the wp-tiles plug-in which was […]

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Plus addressing on Sentora

TL;DR – It doesn’t work yet ūüôĀ I am trying to move my¬†to my new server, however, I have been adding things after the local part deliminated with a +, for a while now, while this works out the box with symbiosis, it doesn’t seem to work with Sentora out the box. I am […]

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Let’s encrypt Postfix and Dovecot

Following on from¬†Setting up Sentora¬†and¬†setting up HTTPS on domains, it is now time to do something about the encryption of emails between clients and the server (I have written about end to end encryption on macs before). I hate playing about¬†Postfix and Dovecot, Paul¬†commented on Twitter that he had managed to get ¬†IMAP and SMTP […]

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Let’s Encrypt all the things!

In my last post about encryption, I managed to set up SSL using Let’s Encrypt on the control panel subdomain. Now while I have talked about this twice before, here and here, and converting WordPress to SSL. This is a new easy solution, that is far far less hacky!!!! (not that I am not happy […]