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Hantek 6022BE USB Oscilloscope

I picked up a Hantek 6022BE USB Oscilloscope as sometimes its useful to have something more than just a multimeter for seeing what a circuit is doing. While the specification makes it more of a toy than a real instrument, however what can you expect for £46.00? The Hantek 6022BE is a 2 Channel 20 […]

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Thoughts on Autodesk Fusion 360

A while ago I tried to design a 3D printed ROV hull, one of the problems of OpenSCAD is the difficulty of making cool organic or rounded shapes, while you do have access to both the Minkowski, and hull commands to make nice organic shapes. The use of linear_extrude to make them into full 3D […]

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Why WhatsApp needs a Desktop Client (updated for Viber)

I used to use MSN, Yahoo, and a number of different accounts with Pidgin as my way of talking to people in a post Bolt world, The Problem was that Bolt died a death; replaced by the shocking My Space, and then by the at the less shocking Facebook. With Facebug came a while later […]

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GPG on Mac

After all the talk about everything Edward Snowden (Bio) has told us about what NSA and GCHQ are up to for citizens (thats Citizens, not Criminals, Terrorists, or other dissidents; but normal citizens), There is a way that you and I can both try to prevent the government from reading our emails. Why would we […]

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Wireless on a boat

Despite living in a marina, right next to the wireless box arial, We have very little signal (red arrow on the side of the building 60 foot away). Looking at the router, it looks like it is a TP Link WR841N, while this £20/30 router could work well in a house, it suffers from being […]

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Review – Black Speck SeeThru Satin for 13″ MacBook Pro

At the same time as I was sent the Ballistic Hard Case (which I have reviewed here) I was a received a Speck SeeThru Satin for 13″ MacBook Pro in Black to review from When I bought the MacBook Pro I looked at slip cases and couldn’t really see the point of them, and to […]

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Installing Lion on my Mac Mini – Part 2

Following on from Part One, I finally got round to playing with this a bit more; however I still have not had any luck with running Mac OS X Lion on my Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz Mid 2007 Mac (an A1283) with only 1 Gig of Ram 🙁  however I have bought 2 Gigs from Crucial […]