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How I make a Screencast

I have been playing with Fusion 360 again… and as part of that I have been finding cunning tricks that I am thankful that I now know. Since I think I have a blog or something, I shall share those I find to be useful. And for this I shall use the medium of interpretive […]

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Getting YouTube into iTunes

Youtube is great, most of the time, where it fails is if you have a poor or no internet connection, recently I found, an online tool that you feed a YouTube url to and it gives you a RSS feed to feed into iTunes, in the background it seems to automagically convert the YouTube […]

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Telegram vs IRC

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) used to be my preferred group messaging app thing, I have IRC running on Vor, using ZNC  to bounce IRC to Weechat (in Screen on Vor), Palaver on my iPhone and iPad, and Textual on my MacBook (see irc on the go). IRC is awesome for talking to technical people, like […]