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SD Card and Headless on a Raspberry Pi

A while ago I made some videos of writing a Raspbian to a SD card for use with a Raspberry Pi, I am on a mac, which makes my life much easer as there is now an awesome tool called… Continue Reading →

How I make a Screencast

I have been playing with Fusion 360 again… and as part of that I have been finding cunning tricks that I am thankful that I now know. Since I think I have a blog or something, I shall share those… Continue Reading →

Git stuff and 52 Weeks of Code

Sometimes I feel that my geek credentials are lacking given the lack of code I write, yes I make cool things occasionally, I work as an EMC Engineer for a small Stockport Company, I am a Director of Squashed Fly… Continue Reading →

Getting YouTube into iTunes

Youtube is great, most of the time, where it fails is if you have a poor or no internet connection, recently I found, an online tool that you feed a YouTube url to and it gives you a RSS… Continue Reading →

Cheep Chinese ‘duino – OS X 10.11 El Capitan

This is an update from a previous post, since there have been some changes to getting them to work under OSX. I found these Arduino Uno clones (link) on Ali Express for £2.16 each with free shipping from china, I… Continue Reading →

Telegram vs IRC

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) used to be my preferred group messaging app thing, I have IRC running on Vor, using ZNC  to bounce IRC to Weechat (in Screen on Vor), Palaver on my iPhone and iPad, and Textual on my… Continue Reading →

LinkIt ONE, vs Cheap Chinese Duino, Vs Official Arduino Uno

Following on from trying to program the LinkIt ONE on Mac, and Windows, I went looking for further information, I managed to find some information on the IDE GitHub page, I will compare how easy it is to program each… Continue Reading →

Working with MediaTek’s LinkIt™ ONE IoT development board

A few weekends ago, HACMan, Tas and I were at MakerFaire New Castle. One of the exhibitors there was MediaTek, showing off their range of LinkIt Wearables / IoT (Tnternet of Things) development boards. I have managed to snag myself… Continue Reading →

Updates to the Family Tree

It looks like MyHeritage now has a “Mac Version” of their software (this should reduce my dad’s number of computers down to one). Historicity they recommended all kinds of horrible things (running virtual machines etc.), but there application could not… Continue Reading →

Using a nice console with ‘Duinos

The Arduino IDE serial console sucks! (the entire Arduino IDE kind of sucks, but one fix at a time). I first tried to use the native Minicom package, the most up to date one I found was version 2.2 (compiled… Continue Reading →

Low cost ‘Duino

I found these Arduino Uno clones (link) on Ali Express for £2.16 each with free shipping from china, I can’t even get Diavolino for that little (Also a Diavolino needs a RS232 / FTDI or something as well). These clones… Continue Reading →

More offline WordPress editors – Blogo

A while ago I wrote about some offline WordPress editors, recently I managed to get my hands on a copy of Blogo (available via the App Store). My Previouse nice to have list was: Presented the WYSIWYG more like that in the… Continue Reading →

Building a Diavolino

On Saturday I picked up an Evil Mad Scientists Arduino clone, The Diavolino, from MadLab‘s little shop “Invent-ory” to use with my RS485 stuff. the Diavolino requires assembly yourself (official instructions). The FTDI I bought was this one: RHX PL2303 USB… Continue Reading →

Offline WordPress editors

Most of the sites I work on are biased on the open source project WordPress, examples include Biscuit Mag, Freedom Press, Freedom News, and My Professional site; some sites like Just Vigilantes, and Does UKIP Hate You? are not. One of… Continue Reading →

Cosplay with jake

Down at hackspace today jake and I had a go at taking the eMac to bits. Jake is a bit of a cos play geek 🙂 This is the old eMac that is being turned into the helmet for his… Continue Reading →

irc on the go…

I know people think IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a bit old fashioned, but since we can’t get WhatsApp to replace it, I have been using IRC more and more again. After asking bma what he used, he recommended ZNC (its… Continue Reading →

Finder Tags and Me

I have been following But She’s a Girl for a while. A while ago I chose to implement her recommended use for Mavericks Finder Tags: I don’t use tags in the usual way (with keyword-like tags), but instead use them… Continue Reading →

Why WhatsApp needs a Desktop Client (updated for Viber)

I used to use MSN, Yahoo, and a number of different accounts with Pidgin as my way of talking to people in a post Bolt world, The Problem was that Bolt died a death; replaced by the shocking My Space,… Continue Reading →

GPG on Mac

After all the talk about everything Edward Snowden (Bio) has told us about what NSA and GCHQ are up to for citizens (thats Citizens, not Criminals, Terrorists, or other dissidents; but normal citizens), There is a way that you and… Continue Reading →

Leaving WordPress

I have been thinking about moving and my 365 away from WordPress, as WordPress is a bit overpowered for myself as a lone user, and causes my server to run hard when hit with a lot of users. I am poking… Continue Reading →

The Saga of Artisteer 4 for Mac

After my Previous post about Artesteer 4 for mac, there has been two sets of movement, that of the people on the support forum, and the glacial lack of movement of the Official Artisteer team. Artisteer are still listing as… Continue Reading →

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