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Windows 2008 R2 on my MacBook Pro

Since I have now got an awesome computer that I can use almost anywhere; and given the problems of running Virtual Machine on OS X’s 64 Bit Kernel; I have installed my second OS under Boot Camp As I have a email address, I still have access to DreamSpark and as such access to […]

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Hiding the BootCamp Drive

One of the things that annoys me is having lots of Icons on my Desktop; I like to have my currently connected drives; and perhaps a few other icons; but everything else should live as stacks in my dock. One of the things I have lived with until now is the BootCamp partition; but its […]

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Dead Tree Ware Vs Kindle Vs iBook

I buy most of my Dead Tree Ware books from Amazon; a very convenient way to acquire books; I select which ones I want; click send to me; wait a few days and a box arrives; What makes Amazon even more convenient than Water stones is that I can order books any time day or […]

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Number 33 – New Laptop :D

While in Plymouth Last weekend I bought my self a new Macbook Pro Laptop; this will replace both my Desktop (a Mac Mini) and my old Laptop; an Advent 4211 netbook. I am currently in the process of moving all files and settings from my two old computers; as well as files stored on two […]

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My Shiney

A Mac Mini for £500 lets see what sort of PC upgrades I can do for under £500 CPU: AMD SEMPRON 64BIT 3300 + 1600MHz HTT/128K Memory: 2048 MB DDR400 PC3200 WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY! (2×1GB) Motherboard: FOXCONN 760GX WITH SIS760GX CHIPSET, 8X AGP, SATA, 3 PCI Graphics Card: 256MB GEFORCE 6600 8X AGP + DVI […]