Weather Station – Stevenson Screen

A Stevenson screen is an outdoor enclosure to shield meteorological instruments against precipitation and direct heat radiation (sometimes called a radiation screen) from outside sources, while still allowing air to circulate freely around them. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) agreed standard for the height of the screen is between 1.25 m (4ft 1 in) and […]

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OctoPrint and an Ultimaker 2

A while ago work bought an Ultimaker 2 to produce cool things at work, A Raspberry Pi B+, and Pi Cam were also acquired for it with a view to using OctoPi (a copy of OctoPrint developed for the R-Pi). OctoPi can be downloaded from the official mirror, and burnt to an Micro SD card […]

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Setting up WiFi on a Raspberry Pi

What Do I Need? Raspberry Pi unit with Raspbian installed Ethernet connection to R-Pi USB Wi-Fi Stick In addition to the above items, you will need to check the configuration of the Wi-Fi network you plan to connect to, you will need the SSID, password, and encryption type/method (e.g. the node is using WPA with […]

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Running a Headless R-Pi

The Raspberry Pi is an awesome little computer that can feed either a composite video feed, or a HDMI output, however most of the time I want the thing headless, If you set up Rasbian the same way as I showed in the last guide then this will work for you: A Video 🙂 Getting […]

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Installing Raspbian on a R-Pi

I have used a number of Raspberry Pi’s for things, and despite there being more than one linux distribution available for the R-Pi I have not tried anything other than the Debian based Raspbian “wheezy”, These instructions are written assuming that you are using a Mac Running Mountain Lion. Raspbian is an optimised version of […]