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Bolt is back

For those of you who remember what the Internet looked like in 1997, you will know the following. Hotmail was not owned by Microsoft, Yahoo was the only real search engine, BackRub Google had not yet been launched; Myspace, and Facebook were not on the Internet. forums were few and far between. There was […]

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A physics teacher begs for his subject back

A British physics teacher whose creates wonderful comic flowcharts is fed up with the quality of physics education in the UK. He’s written a scathing open letter to the Board of Education detailing his view of the crisis in British physics. If you love Science and Technology, can you read the letter and pass its […]

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Over the past week I have taken up listening to PodCasts at work on my PDA, despite not having any proper podcast client software. Cory Doctorow’s “OwnzoredI” started with Cory Doctorow’s short storys, showing he is not only a great Technologist, but he is a good provider of Sci-Fi, he has 15 of his short […]

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My Shiney

A Mac Mini for £500 lets see what sort of PC upgrades I can do for under £500 CPU: AMD SEMPRON 64BIT 3300 + 1600MHz HTT/128K Memory: 2048 MB DDR400 PC3200 WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY! (2×1GB) Motherboard: FOXCONN 760GX WITH SIS760GX CHIPSET, 8X AGP, SATA, 3 PCI Graphics Card: 256MB GEFORCE 6600 8X AGP + DVI […]

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Microlink strike again

Microlink, that lovely kind group of people who call them selfs a company….. [insert sarcasm stick here] have another complaint against them…. Yesterday Ben and myself were in the union, when a Guy from the Sail and Power Club at the union came up to us, and spotted that I have the same Laptop as he does, he also mentioned problems that it […]

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Union into the light?

As one of the election candidates said they wanted all the union people to have blogs, and such, i am wondering if a copy of Wordpress, and a copy of media wiki would work? WordPress for Blogging, and such, and Media Wiki to write out the history and chart out the future of the Union, as […]