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Back to the Education

Over on my more mature blog (as in grown up and professional), I am blogging about my working through a Future Learn course, Sustainability, Society and You. This is a free course from the University of Nottingham, via Future Learn. Have a look and see if there is anything on there that takes your fancy.

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ROV – Part 2: The Hull

As said previously most people use PVC pipe for the hull construction, Looking round the internet for ideas I have come across Ian Leverington’s site ROV Robot Submariner, that sells a how to guide for building an Remotely Operated Vehicle, complete with on-board video camera for under £200 for £6.50; I have bought a copy of the […]

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MASCOT is one of those weird things we have at work; (Italian: MAniplatore Servo COntrollato Transistosissato / English: Transistorised Servo Controlled Manipulator). its the in vessel remote controlled robotic arm for JET, there are two, one that I Photographed, that has never been in vessel; and one that hides in a tent because it may […]

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RAL Trip

Today, I went on a trip to RAL organised by some of the guys and girls at London Hackspace; getting to Didcot Parkway from work for about 12:30, headed up to Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, just outside Didcot, at Harwell In the room we all met for the tours they had some cool stuff including an […]

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A physics teacher begs for his subject back

A British physics teacher whose creates wonderful comic flowcharts is fed up with the quality of physics education in the UK. He’s written a scathing open letter to the Board of Education detailing his view of the crisis in British physics. If you love Science and Technology, can you read the letter and pass its […]