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RFID blocking wallets

Recently there have been people claiming that they can steal money from your pocket (up to £30) by skimming your credit or debit card info using a EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) or PED (Pin Entry Device). It said thieves… Continue Reading →

Quick look at the HLK-PM01

There is a Follow-up post to this one here. The Hi-Link HLK PM01 is a 100-230 Vac to 5 Vdc 600 mA converter, Bob gave me one a while ago and asked me what my thoughts were on it, The Manufacturers details are… Continue Reading →

Last day of @makerfaire_uk #makerfaire

Photos from Day two of the UK Maker Faire in Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Life Centre for Life 2015:

First day of @makerfaire_uk #makerfaire

Photos from Day one of the UK Maker Faire in Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Life Centre for Life 2015:

Building a Geiger Counter

A while ago I bought a DIY Arduino Geiger Counter kit from ebay and a SBT-11A Russian Geiger counter tube. The SB-11A is a very sensitive alpha tube, comparable to the LND 7317 in some ways. It also seems sturdier and is… Continue Reading →

Hippy’s cause trouble

Some of you may think I have some hippy tendancys; being that I live on a boat, and that I plan to be as off grid as I can, bma and I have over a number of years had a smiler talk;… Continue Reading →

Book 36 – 10 Fun Things To Do With Your Microwave

The Free Kindle Book; 10 Fun Things To Do With Your Microwave has a number of projects including: Build a Miceowave Transformer Stick/Ark Welder How to Measure the Speed of light using Chocolate Microwave CD Candle Holder 5 Minute Chocolate Cake The… Continue Reading →

RAL Trip

Today, I went on a trip to RAL organised by some of the guys and girls at London Hackspace; getting to Didcot Parkway from work for about 12:30, headed up to Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, just outside Didcot, at Harwell In… Continue Reading →

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