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Bristol Mini Maker Faire 2016

Today like last year I went to Bristol for the mini maker Faire (unlike Manchester and Liverpool Makefest this one still pays the silly amount of money to use the make branding). Unlike last year @Bristol charged at the door (£3 pp which may not sound like a lot, but parking @Bristol is expensive)​​. The […]

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VMWare ESXi on a hp Proliant Gen 8 MicroServer

At CASS Industries we were using Microsoft’s free Hotmail / Outlook connector for our group ware solution, howecver Micro$oft pulled that plug on us when they made changes to As a solution we picked up a HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 and fitted it with two 1TB hard drives, I intend to install Zentyal as […]

Water Otter

With winter coming to an end (we hope) and the hot water on our boat coming from two sources; the fire and the engine, it was looking like the kettle was going to be the only way to make hot water. However after some random googling I found something called a “Willis heater” which is […]

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The Particle Electron – First Impressions

A while ago I backed the kickstarter campaign for Particle (formerly Spark)’s Electron board, a IOT (internet of things) with a built in 3G modem (2G are available) with global data coverage, recently they shipped, Setup was as easy as getting it out the box, wiring it up and following the instructions on (mine is […]

Testing IoT Boat Part One

More than a few years ago, I bought myself a Remote Control boat, a Kyosho Wave Master: The WaveMaster is a semi scale model of an F-1 tunnel hull racing boat. Tunnel hulls work by trapping a cushion of air between the hull and water to reduce friction which allows the boat to travel even […]

LinkIt ONE, vs Cheap Chinese Duino, Vs Official Arduino Uno

Following on from trying to program the LinkIt ONE on Mac, and Windows, I went looking for further information, I managed to find some information on the IDE GitHub page, I will compare how easy it is to program each of them with Blink.ino. My mac is set up as per this page for the […]

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Last day of @makerfaire_uk #makerfaire

Photos from Day two of the UK Maker Faire in Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Life Centre for Life 2015: