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Small business groupware

As previously mentioned work (CASS Industries Ltd.) needed a new groupware solution after Microsoft pulled the plug on both Small Business Server, and Our groupware requirements are mostly a shared calender, archived mail, and contact list. we use IMAP for email retrieval from our accounts (externally hosted for historical reasons), oh and it has […]

Working with MediaTek’s LinkIt™ ONE IoT development board under Windows

Following on from the Mac instructions, I have also set up MediaTek’s LinkIt™ ONE on a Window Machine, Setup Download the MediaTek LinkIt SDK for Arduino Windows. Unzip the downloaded zip, right click on the installer “mediatek_linkit_sdk_(for_arduino)-1.1.05.exe” and “Run as administrator” Change the location on Screen two to the location of your Arduino IDE Install […]

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Updates to the Family Tree

It looks like MyHeritage now has a “Mac Version” of their software (this should reduce my dad’s number of computers down to one). Historicity they recommended all kinds of horrible things (running virtual machines etc.), but there application could not be run in Wine (or equiv). So this mac version of Family Tree Builder should […]

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Family Tree

My dad has been working on the McGaw family tree for a few years now; over that time the machine he has been using has changed from a Dell Optimax running Windows XP, to a Macbook, running Windows Tiny7, due to the software that he used being a windows only application. My Heritage Family Tree […]

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Backing up Bootcamp

One thing I some times worry about, is how to make a backup of my Mac’s Bootcamp partition. there are some sites that give you details; but they all point back to a app called WinClone:   If you want to make a quick clone of your bootcamp partition, or you want to migrate your […]