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Tethered Shooting a D7000 with Sofortbild

Sofortbild is a free Mac app to allow you to do Tethered Shooting, Tethered Shooting allows you to control your camera remotely from your Mac via USB, images are automatically transferred. I am testing out Tethering with Sofortbild so that I can use the camera remotely in places where I can not easily access the […]

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Automatic Panoramic Head – Part 1: Press the button

According to Wikipedia: An intervalometer is a device which counts intervals of time. (Other names include interval meter and interval timer). Such devices commonly are used to signal, in accurate time intervals, the operation of some other device. For instance, an intervalometer might activate something every 30 seconds. In photography, intervalometers are used to trigger exposures. This is often done […]

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Book 2: Fox Talbot

John Hannavy’s “Fox Talbot: An Illustrated Life of Willian Henry Fox Talbot, ‘Father of Modern Photography’, 1800 -1877[note Amazon]” Fox Talbot is universally recognised as the father of modern photography. His ‘calotype’ or ‘Talbotype’ process was the first working photographic process to use the now familiar format of negatives and positives. He was an ambitious man but […]

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New camera

Today I picked up a black Fujifilm finepix XP30 camera. As a replacement to the camera built into my phone (an iPhone 3G) the Fujifilm finepix XP30 has all the features that the XP20 has; water, dust, shock, and freezer proof (I would have said resistant. But then again. I don’t work in marketing) but […]

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ROV – Part 4: Vision System

I picked up a Edimax Wired Network IP Camera from Maplins I wanted to evaluate it for the posibility of using them with my ROV Project (And Perhaps a Birdbox idea for my mum). At the moment its sat on my window cill feeding an image to the web every 15 minutes (when I don’t turn it off) via […]