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ROV – Part 3: Control System

I have been playing with Microsoft Visio (My First ROV Visio File) to create a Drawing smiler to the one I found of BART. There are two things you may spot on my Schematic Diagram; My cunning use of Ethernet over CAT 5 for Data. I forgot to draw the lights on – ah well. The cunning Plan is […]

Walk along the Regents Canal – Camden to Battlebridge Basin

Leaving Camden Loupie, JD, and I walked along the Regents Canal towards Battlebridge Basin; starting at Camden Lock.Going away from Kings Cross was the Pirates Boat; and a grey 55foot Live aboardsaw a flyer for Friends of Regents CanalThe Lock at St. Pancras Cruising ClubBattlebridge Basin where Anki moors her boat. Just Round the corner […]

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Lomography – Sprocket Rocket

A while ago I bought my self a Sprocket Rocket camera, the Sprocket Rocket is a 35 mm film camera that packages an ultra wide angle lens, that allows you to capture the image on the whole width of the film (Including on the Sprockets). Three things really stand out about the Lomography Sprocket Rocket, […]