Walk along the Regents Canal – Camden to Battlebridge Basin

Leaving Camden Loupie, JD, and I walked along the Regents Canal towards Battlebridge Basin; starting at Camden Lock.Going away from Kings Cross was the Pirates Boat; and a grey 55foot Live aboardsaw a flyer for Friends of Regents CanalThe Lock at St. Pancras Cruising ClubBattlebridge Basin where Anki moors her boat. Just Round the corner […]

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Lomography – Sprocket Rocket

A while ago I bought my self a Sprocket Rocket camera, the Sprocket Rocket is a 35 mm film camera that packages an ultra wide angle lens, that allows you to capture the image on the whole width of the film (Including on the Sprockets). Three things really stand out about the Lomography Sprocket Rocket, […]

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Books, and how to get some Free

One of the things I love about Weather Spoons Pubs other than the cheap real ale; is that they have a large collection of rather geeky books that most people overlook; however a few of us; tend to scan the titles of the books to see what there is that could be of interest. The […]

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Nikon or Canon

After the kind person stole my camera equipment; the police said that they have closed the case due to lack of evidence; I am not sure if I should come to the conclusion that I could steal something in East London and be safe in the knowledge that I would more likely than not attract […]

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Some Kind Person…

While at the Welshchurch for the Woodhouse Players’ Mother Goose, some ¿wonderful and kind? took it as there right to help themselves to my Camera bag, containing all my camera equipment; as well as loupie’s little bridge camera. As you can guess I am far from best pleased. The Bag Contained: Nikon D70 18-70mm Lens […]