Guess what this is…

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Do it or else…

You have no right to moan about politics if you don’t take part! Oh and if your 16 or 17 I fully support your right to democratic representation too!

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I am so amazingly hipster!

I haven’t been to an MSS in ages, and I was cold at my parents, As some one who doesn’t feel the cold very often, I don’t always (like now) have not got a jumper available, so out came my old MSS doublet. As for why I am hipster… Well I was wearing doublets before […]

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Greebo waiting for a @northernassist train…

Greebo has to commute from New Mills Newtown to the city to get mice as she has scared all the local ones away.

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Sunflowers and Butterflies

I am working on making a time laps camera for this; I have already put Rasbian on an SD card 🙂


For Easter MiniBoyGeek was given some Sunflowers (Helianthus Annuus) to grow 🙂 Tas and MiniBoyGeek planted them. Each of the three pots has a different variety of sunflowers: A. Giganteus B. Teddy Bear C. Evening Sun

Guess where…