New Stove Pt 1

We have been looking for a new stove to put on nbSteven fora while. Bob suggested looking at a Boatman Stove from Northern Fabrication Services. The Boatman stove comes in two options, one without a back boiler, and one with. The back boiler allows the stove to heat water, since our Calorifier (Hot Water tank) […]

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Finder Tags and Me

I have been following But She’s a Girl for a while. A while ago I chose to implement her recommended use for Mavericks Finder Tags: I don’t use tags in the usual way (with keyword-like tags), but instead use them to mark the status of a file in my workflow, to make it easier to […]

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Back to the Education

Over on my more mature blog (as in grown up and professional), I am blogging about my working through a Future Learn course, Sustainability, Society and You. This is a free course from the University of Nottingham, via Future Learn. Have a look and see if there is anything on there that takes your fancy.

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Boat for Sale

Amy and James’ of nbLuckyDuck, are putting nbLuckyDuck up for sale; nbLuckyDuck is an awesome boat, and would make a great first boat 🙂 Summary Lucky Duck is a 48ft traditional stern narrowboat first registered in 1986, with a reliable BMC 1.8 engine. It sleeps 2 + 2 on a sofa bed, makes a great […]