Geeky, Off The Grid December 20, 2009 Skippy No comments

Unlocking a Datacard from Three

A fair while ago I bought a Huawei E160G data card on Pay as you go. This would have been over a year ago, and since I am o2 customer and have the simplicity £20 contract, with unlimited internet.So why do I need a second number for Internet. When I used to have my […]

Car November 1, 2005 Skippy No comments

Driving test

Today I took my Driving Theory test, The test is a two part test, a Multiple choice part, and a Hazard perception part, To pass the multiple choice part you have to score above 30 out of 35, and for the hazard perception you have to get 44 out of 75, Some parts of the Hazard perception […]