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Taking the Piss

At Manchester Piccadilly Station they have Toilets for the travailing public to use while they are on the station, This is not unushal; however since Manchester Piccadilly is a “Principle Station”, it is operated by Network Rail; and Network Rail have a policy for charging for the use of toilets… However they have hidden them behind turnstiles, now looking […]

Trains and Cost – Part 5: Why Automatic Ticket Gates FAIL

One of those things that TOC’s seem to be fond of installing at Stations is ATGs (Automatic Ticket Gate see RIS-7701-INS – Rail Industry Standard for Automatic Ticket Gates at Stations). Obstensivly they claim that these are installed for revenue protection (reduction of ticket less travel), Reduce anti-social behaviour, and also seem to be a requirement of the franchise agreement […]

Train and Cost

Tomorrow I start a new job in Staverton (near Staverton Airport) its a small village between Cheltenham and Gloucester Swindon to Staverton by Car takes 56 minutes and is 37.1 miles (according to google) and according to fuel-economy.co.uk This journey would cost me £6, or by train will about an hour ten (not including the half […]

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Didcot Railway Centre

Today Helen and I went to the Didcot Railway Centre; home of the The Great Western Society; who were offered the use of the Didcot Motive Power Depot site, and they took over the site in 1967. The society has a comprehensive collection of ex Great Western Railway (GWR) locomotives and rolling stock. There are two short […]