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Taking a Bike on a Virgin

For the last while me and my bike have been traveling between Manchester Piccadilly and Crewe, Virgin run an hourly service between these two stations using Class 390 Pendolino Stock, with most of the sets being brought into service between 2001 and 2004 (a latter set were made between 2009 and 2012). However as you […]

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The art of complaints

I have got so good at complaining to Train Operating Companies, that I write my complaint while in the process of being delayed, On Monday 12th I was delayed between Manchester and Horwich parkway, So I wrote the following email to First TransPennine Express <[email protected]> Subject: 08:15 Manchester piccadilly to Horwich parkway Body: Please refund me […]

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Magic Numbers – TOCs

I have no landline, however most companies who want you to phone them insist in using 0845 / 0870 / 0GodWhereDidMyMoneyGo numbers, that are even more expensive from a mobile. Some of the oddest offenders of this are transport companies, you know the people who you want to ask the time of their service while not at home? Over the […]

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The Tail of one CITY^H^H^H^H Town

I am reading the Swindon Masterplan Report (Draft Rev C), while the document is not all about canals; in fact very little of it is about canals, the Swindon Evening Advertiser would have you believe it was a well supported plan to make the City Town of Swindon into some kind of Venice. The Swindon Town […]