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Operation Considerate

Every so often GMP (Greater Manchester Police) run something they call Operation Considerate, where they sit at the side of the road and catch up with Cyclists cycling on the pavement, or with out lights, and occasionally talk to car drivers for much more serious offences (Driving without Insurance etc). However one thing they seem […]

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Build-A-Bug Photobooth

For Manchester Makerfest 2015 Bob and I built a Tweeting Photo booth, for use with the bug workshop, the main part is a Raspberry Pi. This is a project I have been thinking about doing for a while. The Raspberry Pi was set up how I normally set them up, a lot of the hard […]

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Oh Joy Sex Toy’s Cartoon – Trigger Warning

One of my most visited posts is “Why I fear Pro-Life“, which was written as a post response and expansion on a blog post by Delkaetre, against a group of FuckTards called Abort 67: Abort67 is a pro-life protest group in the UK known for using hardline tactics such as holding protests outside of abortion […]

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PPI Legion Scam

I keep getting calls from a company calling itself “PPI Legion” (they call from 0843 832 0135). I have requested that my details are removed from their list, and that they don’t call me again, however they still call. They hang up on me when I ask to speak to a manager, or if I […]