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GAH Scammers!!!

I got this email from Charles Brown <[email protected]> in the mail today: Hello In regards to our previous email inviting you for a job interview. We realised we had a problem with our telephone line. Fortunately the vacancy is still open, we are still happy to invite you to an interview. You will have an […]

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Still dealing with Spam (in the real world)

A while ago I wrote about Dealing with Spam, Well unfortunately (for them) Royal Mail posted more junk mail through my door this morning. (no I didn’t say anything to the delivery staff). I have managed to get the Direct Dial number for the Door To Door Service department (01865 796 964) who you need to contact to […]

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Open invite for Dinner to my MP

I have just invited my MP (Justin Tomlinson Tory) for tea, and promised not to lobby him: Dear Mr Tomlinson, I am a great believer in equal opportunities; as a constituent of yours who can not afford to lobby my MP, or afford to pay the required amount to sit at the table with the […]

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Dealing with Spam

Since spending a fair amount of time in Swindon, and having the following on my Parents front door I Still win the following: The Swindon Star The Swindon Star is a weekly free newspaper, well-established in the community and packed with local news and advertising. Published every Thursday this is Swindon’s best free newspaper. So […]

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Out smarted by SPAM

As some of you may know GLaDOS came back, when Steph was stolen I drew parallels between the IQ of the muppit, and a bacon sandwich. However the high IQ shown by the person who stole GLaDOS knew no bounds. The bacon sandwich has been replaced with a spam roll. Why you may ask: Somewhere […]

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Activating PostgreSQL on OS X 10.7 Lion Server

Mac OS X Lion comes with PostgreSQL installed as default; however it is not running, and not easy to start, you will want to enabled PHP web applications at the same time. There are two ways to start the PostgreSQL service. Either simply by opening Server App and starting the “Wiki” service, or by digging […]

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Film 6 – Coyote Ugly

“Coyote Ugly” is one of those random films that you don’t have to pay too much attention to; however it is good for a laugh 🙂 Coyote Ugly is either a girls’ film for boys or a boys’ film for girls. Either way, it’s undemanding tosh that remixes 80s “classics” like Fame, Cocktail, Flashdance and Dirty Dancing for the turn of the […]