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Book 5: The Axe Book

I assume that b0atg1rl has at some time has acquired a Gränsfors Bruks hatchet or axe, as on nbArianrhod I found a copy of “The Axe Book” which is an introduction to the history and product line of Gränsfors Bruks, as well as a basic overview of the correct treatment and handling of axes. And […]

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Book 3: How to Start Your Own Business.

Rico Nelson’s “How to Start Your Own Business: Step by Step Guide To Starting Your Own Business Volume 2” was a free kindle book that I picked up to have a flick through in relation to task 51 – Start my own Business from my day zero challenge. Most business startups fail. But many of those failures […]

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Why I fear Pro-Life

TRIGGER WARNING: This article or section, or pages it links to, contain information about abortion, sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors, also some of the language is a lot stronger than normally presented, It also contains images that Abort67 claim are of Aborted Foetus, Ergo NSFW. This Post has taken me a while to write, and […]

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Tax Reduction – Uniform Tax Rebate

I have been paying my tax like a good person for a large number of years; OK sometimes I have claimed job seekers allowance;  but other than the JSA and the Rebates; I have mostly paid the correct amount of TAX, and got mostly a good service from the public sector; however I found out that I […]

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Task 46 – Stop Biting My Nails

I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember; however I added it to my Day Zero, so that I could try and stop biting my nails, I tend to bite them more when I am upset, or nervious, so recently I have been a bit more prolific than normal; however very […]