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Small business groupware

As previously mentioned work (CASS Industries Ltd.) needed a new groupware solution after Microsoft pulled the plug on both Small Business Server, and Our groupware requirements are mostly a shared calender, archived mail, and contact list. we use IMAP for email retrieval from our accounts (externally hosted for historical reasons), oh and it has […]

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Cheep Chinese Camera

I picked up this 50H10L (HI3518E_50H10L_S39) based cheap POE CCTV style camera as a test for replacing the cameras we use at work to view EUTs (Equipment Under Test). the cameras we normally use are wired CCTV cameras. The (professionally done) CD comes with a number of applications and PDFs on it… The one useful set […]

Maker, R-Pi, Work December 22, 2014 Skippy 2 comments

OctoPrint and an Ultimaker 2

A while ago work bought an Ultimaker 2 to produce cool things at work, A Raspberry Pi B+, and Pi Cam were also acquired for it with a view to using OctoPi (a copy of OctoPrint developed for the R-Pi). OctoPi can be downloaded from the official mirror, and burnt to an Micro SD card […]

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Trolling at work

I have been working at CASS Industries for a while, one of my co-workers changed the logon music on a computer I use at work to the theme tune for 1980s Austrialian childrens TV show “Skippy The Bush Kangaroo”. He listens to Radio 4 a fair bit, and as a revenge trolling I going to […]